Top Five Most Visited Camping Grounds in the United States

If you are planning to go out on your first camping trip and can’t decide which to place to go, consider this your lucky day. We have provided the top five most visited camping sites across the country. If you fall near the vicinity to any of these campsites then consider yourself luckier. If you own an RV or camper then you are one of the luckiest people today, you at least have a clear shot to experience the beauty that these camping grounds can offer. If you don’t own one, then consider looking for cheap campers for sale available in the market today. 

The list is provided by thousands of camping enthusiast across the country, they are submitted by folks who have traveled several camping grounds and gave their opinions about their experiences and marked the best spots they have traveled to so far. Most of the campers who have taken a trip to 8 to 10 camping sites are those traveling in their Rvs or campers, they are also the same people who gave the best reviews in which this article was based upon. 


Considered a National treasure, this campsite is located in Brookville, Indiana. Whitewater Memorial State Park Complex lies part of the Brookville Lake. Evidence of pre-historic Native Americans existence can be found in the area along with the large deposit of Ordovician fossils which made the area a bit of an archeologist hub for quite sometime. More than 400 campsites are found around the surrounding these magnificent lake, they have more than 25 miles of hiking trails, wonderful boating opportunities and known throughout the country for their fishing festivities. Other activities that you can enjoy in the area includes hunting, beautiful resorts, horseshoe pits among other recreational games available, picnics, great beach, shooting range and archery, water skiing, boating, fishing(river and ice), and hiking trails.


Located in Douglas County, Oregon Coast Range of the United States, there are great places for RV travelers in the area. This 249 acre lake has an elevation of 392 feet. The place has milder temperatures because they are protected from the coastal winds and fog. Deer hunting is popular in the area, Hunting grounds like Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, and Red Cedars offer great variety of hunting games throughout the year. In fact these places are considered as among the favorite hunting paradise in the country, games like Deer and Elk hunting is very sought-after. Other recreational sport activities includes cougar hunting, fishing, different fur bearers species, Bobcat and Grayfox, River Otter, Beaver, Martens, raccoons, Mink, Muskrat, and different kinds of Migratory gamebirds. Bird watching and whale watching are also one of their major attractions.

YosemiteNational Park

Most roads leading to the parks are closed during heavy snowfalls, but we have included these camping grounds in Yosemite National Park, Mariposa, California because of the beautiful places you can experience here. You can take your Campers on tours in the Yosemite Valley and Giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove are just two of many. You can also take a walk amongst these giant trees in Mariposa, Toulomne or Merced Groves. Also try other activities like hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and snow skiing. Other famous sights to unravel your senses are the El Capitan, Half Domes, Yosemite falls, Awahnee and the Hetch-hetchy reservoirs. Secular areas like the Porcupine Flats and the Yosemite Flats are more favorable to peaceful observations. You can also look forward to an intimate experience with the parks famous residents like the American Black bears, Bobcats, Gray fox, Cougars, Mule deer, Gilbert Skinks, Kingsnakes, Marmot, Brown Keeper, Spotted owl, White-headed woodpecker and much much more. Also expect to see a wide variety of bats in the area.

Ocean Pond

The place was made famous in the American history books for one of the greatest civil war battles that took place in the area, commonly known as the Battle of the Ocean Pond. Today the location again took headlines because of the unlimited camping experience particularly in Osceola National Forest. Proclaimed by President H. Hoover, the place was named after Osceola, a great Native American Seminole warrior. Hiking is one of their major attractions in the area. Among them are the Olustee Battle field trail, Mount Carrie and Trampled trail. Hunting is also one of the favorite activities here. You can camp around various campsites in the area that features different kinds of recreational activities. Sixty seven campsites are available in Ocean Pond Campgrounds alone, you can also check out The Landing Group Area and the Hunt Camps. Various activities include fishing, boating, water skiing, horse back ridings among many other outdoor exercises. And if you will be in the state for a long vacation, indulge yourself by also visiting some of their 69 parks and campgrounds. 


Carolina Hemlocks is also the name of the famous Coniferous trees that grow around the area, otherwise known as the Tsuga Caroliana. Located in Burnsville, Carolina, the place is rated by many campers as one of the most beautiful place to visit in the country. Among the recreational activities possible in the areas are bird watching, hiking in the North Carolina Running Trails (Appalachian trails are just one among the hundreds of hiking trails in the entire State of Carolina), unlimited river access, swimming, tubing numerous picnicking and sightseeing in the lush forest being one of the main attractions. 

Other places you can also enjoy in the United States that are also most often visited are, Hocking Hill State Parks in Laurelville Ohio, Hardin Ridge in Bloomington Indiana, Mueller State Park in Divide Colorado, Kaibab Lake in Williams Arizona, Big Knob State Forest in Naubinway Michigan and Cheoah Point In Fontana Village, North Carolina. The list will never stop, but if you own an RV or Camper, you will never have the chance to visit more of these places unless you live near the area. So before you embark on your great adventures check the latest and affordable campers for sale listings in your area.